Tonic Projects objective is to prevent and minimise any adverse impacts upon the environment as a result of any business activity. It is vital to provide a balance between the project objectives whilst still maintaining a commitment to environmental protection. To demonstrate our dedication to protect the environment while undertaking any project we have drafted this policy.

Tonic Projects will:

  • Provide adequate resources to improve our business processes;
  • Incorporate design opportunities for design conservation and sustainable use of resources;
  • In turn, where financially feasible, reducing the lifetime environmental impact of projects;
  • Comply with contractual requirements, applicable environmental legislation and other requirements to which Tonic Projects subscribes;

Minimise the use of natural resources and implement recycling initiatives where financially viable.


Health & Safety is of critical importance in the planning, organisation and undertaking of Tonic Projects operations.

It is our policy to conduct activities to ensure the health, safety and well-being of employees and subcontractors. We recognise that Health and Safety is an individual and shared responsibility of all employees and sub-contractors, as well as other persons involved with the operation of Tonic Projects. We emphasise the need to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times.

To demonstrate Tonic Projects commitment to safety, the company has undergone CM3 external accreditation.




Environment/Safety August 26, 2013


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